In the Thick of it


In the thick of it

Winter Update!

Training & Training Camp

I’m back to training for the 2019 season, and it’s been wonderful. It’s great to have a routine, and great to work towards getting back to (or surpassing) the level of fitness I had in 2018. One of the things I’m really looking forward to is going to a training camp in San Diego in February. The Camp is run by Protour Camps, and consists of 5 days of fully supported riding in San Diego’s Laguna mountains.

One of my goals is to surround myself with people who are further along the path than I am, and this training camp is a step in that direction. While at the camp, I’ll be surrounded by and learning from athletes and professionals who’ve been in teh cycling game for years. I’m sure I’ll receive plenty of awesome advice! I’ll be sure to document and share my tarining camp experience.

2019: Goals, Team, Projects

For 2019 my main goal is to upgrade to Cat 3. I’ll be focusing on local criterium and circuit races, throwing in a road race or 2 to mix things up. I also plan to travel out to Los Angeles and possibly the San Francisco bay area to do some summer riding. In 2019 I also want to make more t-shirts. I did a test run for a few friends last year, and they liked them. I’ve got a few designs I want to test, so stay tuned for that! The long term goal is to make them available for sale online. More to come!

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