Winter Training



How I’m getting ready for 2019

I Work with a Coach

The biggest advantage gained by having a coach? Individually tailored training. My coach looked at my 2019 goals, and built a training plan that would get me ready for my target events. Since I’m at the beginning of winter training, he’ll look at how I performed while training and racing in 2018, and adjust things from there. Most of my time is spent riding in Zone 2, my all-day pace. Each weekend, I increase the length of my zone 2 (endurance) rides to build the ability to ride longer. During the week I do intense interval sessions lasting from 60 to 90 minutes; the intensity helps maintain my fitness at higher efforts.

I track my progress

Apps & Services

My workouts are sent to me through Today’s Plan (, an online platform. It allows my coach to view my training progress, and we can communicate with each other through comments and messages. I can also view the entire training plan, and look at my progress over the weeks and months. I also have my rides uploaded to Strava, where the social element allows others to see what I’m doing and give me kudos.
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My Indoor Training Setup


Clothing choice is very important since I’ll be spending a lot of time indoors on the trainer. I’ve found that bib shorts with a thicker chamois works the best for me. I’m currently using my old team bib shorts, saving the more expensive stuff for the longer rides outdoors. For socks and shoes, I use thin cycling socks with my normal road shoes.