Summer Riding with Rapha


Summer Riding

with Rapha NYC


On a fine summer day

I hopped on my bike and went for a ride.


Today's plan? a 5 hour ride.

Normally scheduled for Sundays, I decided to do this ride on Saturday to mix up my training a bit.

meet at the Rapha NYC Clubhouse

I signed the group ride waiver, then ordered a coffee and an apple tart. The start time quickly approached and after the pre-ride safety talk, we gathered everyone and started riding. We kept a brisk pace all the way to the GWB, then crossed over to head down River Road. A spirited 9 mile ride later we arrived at the Ranger Station where we refilled our bidons, and caught our breath.

Riders up!

Riders up!

Ex duris gloria

Glory through suffering. The Rapha motto sprang into my mind as we headed towards the day's climb, Bradley-Tweed. Not particularly long or steep, this climb becomes a different animal in hot weather. No record exists of our efforts to conquer it today; we were too focused on the task at hand. But, the toll was clearly visible on the rider's faces.

Suffering...just a bit.

Suffering...just a bit.


puncture! then a cafe stop... 

Out of practice? Not a problem, as there's always someone willing to lend a hand with changing your flat. Just ask!

Apres-Puncture, we rejoined the main group at Boxer Donut. The perfect place to refuel for the ride home.

Homeward bound

Refueled and refreshed, we held a quick pace until the Market were a few riders made a left turn to tackle some steeper gradients. The main group soldiered on, up and over state line. I was with the group that made headed for steeper hills, and we had a blast pushing ourselves mentally and physically.
We regrouped at the top, then held a brisk paceline to rejoin the others.

Regrouping at the top

Regrouping at the top


Thanks for the ride

Special thanks to Susanna, today's ride leader.

Here's a video version of the above