Velofix Visit

Like any machine with moving parts, bicycles need regular maintenance in order to function properly. Noticing my bike’s headset was a little loose made me realize it was time to have my bike looked at. So, I went to Velofix’s website to schedule a visit.


For those who don’t know, Velofix is a mobile bike shop. As in, they come to you and look at your bike. In addition to tune ups and maintenance, they also can build your new bike, if you order through one of their partners. I had the pleasure of hanging out and chatting with Greg from Velofix as he performed maintenance on my bike.


Save time, ride more

Turns out my rear wheel wasn't true. I didn't notice because I had my brakes opened to accommodate the wide rim.


Wheel Trued!

Included in "The Domestique" Basic Tuneup Package

Next, Greg moved on to the rest of the bike. He checked the frame and fork for damage, and checked the drive train and components for wear. All the bolts were checked with a torque wrench to make sure they were tightened correctly, and he adjusted my brakes so they would engage sooner. Much appreciated!


Test ride

Finally, each tune up is followed by a test ride. Greg took my bike for a short spin to check that everything was correct and working. Thanks Greg!

Ramon Thompson