World Championship Weekend

The men’s cycling road race World Championship took place this past weekend in Tirol.
I couldn’t be there in person to watch, so I did the next best thing – I went to Rapha and watched it while having coffee and eating cake.


Morning light

The Brooklyn Way


Over the river and though the City

Onward to Rapha we go!


Look at me
looking at you

Gavin and his morning cup of coffee. Susanna hadn’t arrived just yet.


Zio & Nonna

Susanna’s here!

Coffee & Cakes

While Gavin and Susanna got settled, I went over to the counter to grab a coffee and a bite to eat. Rapha is one of the best places to just hang out and enjoy cycling culture in NYC. They always have a race showing on the TV, and the egg sandwiches are amazing. Group rides start and finish there, and there’s always some to chat with or cool kit to check out. A highly recommended stop for the NYC cyclist!


race to the bottom…

…of this cup of coffee.


Who’s who at Worlds?

A game we like to play is to figure out who each rider is. In the world championship race, riders wear their nation’s colors instead
of normal team kit. Some ways to guess who a rider is? Look at their helmet or their bike.


That feeling when your favorite rider gets dropped

Vincenzo Nibali, one of the race favorites, wasn’t able to keep up on the last couple laps. A sad day for Italian fans!


Worlds is over. Time to ride bikes!

After excitedly watching the race, we say farewell to Worlds for another 12 months.
Congrats to Alejandro Valverde! Now, it’s time for us mortals to go ride our bikes. Or go for a run.

Ramon Thompson