First Race of 2019

First Race of the Year!

I did my first race on Sunday. It was a mixed field of category 3 and category 4 riders, and I was super nervous the week leading up to it. I wasn't getting great sleep, and I felt drained mentally. Normally I'm pretty clueless about how my races will go, so I was surprised to find that I was so worked up about this season.

Of course, many of you will recognize those feelings as normal - maybe it's a sign that I'm getting to a point where I can actually think analytically and strategically about these events? I've certainly watched enough races on Youtube!

My "plan" for this race was to primarily finish. For me this meant conserving my limited energy so I make it to the last lap. How would I do this, you might ask? By making sure I was always drafting someone, and not doing anything "crazy”. No surges, no attacking, just patience. Why work when you can let others do the work? I decided to keep an eye on the series leader. I figured he would be more conservative while his team would try to control the race.

Photo: Marco Quezada

Photo: Marco Quezada

It turned out to be a good plan, as that's pretty much what happened. I kept an eye on the leader and conserved my energy while also focusing on my positioning. I stayed mid-pack for the first 8 laps before deciding to move closer to the front with 2 laps left. This worked well, and I was also feeling really good! I’ve noticed that as the race progressed, my legs felt better and better. However, on the last lap there was a crash right in front of me while we were going uphill. Though I stayed upright, this caused a split and the front of the group rode away. I crossed the line in 52nd place, which is pretty okay for my first race. Solid mid-pack-finish – there were 110 riders – and I felt I rode efficiently and confidently.

Never raced Prospect Park and want to see what it’s like? Want to see yourself and how you look during a race? I recorded the entire race! Check it out on my Youtube channel, and be sure to like & subscribe so you know when I upload more race videos.