Found the Patch

Let’s talk about the weekend.

Ostroy had been telling me for YEARS to join him and the crew for rides, but I never did. My mistake, I’ve come to realize! I rode with him when I was in L.A. and resolved to do more rides once back east. This past weekend I got my chance. I met the crew at Gotham West Market in the city, and we made our way up and over the George Washington Bridge. We stopped for a bit for a quick breakdown of a practice session we would do — double pacelines to the top of Alpine.


Alright fellas, keep it smooth

Or at least try to as best you can.

We definitely had a lot to work on. It was nice being on an actual “team ride” and doing “team drills & tings”. Add in the beautiful spring—almost—summer weather, and it was an awesome day! We rolled on after a fast descent, then came the climbs. Our route took us over a few local spots; Bradley road warmed up the legs and the rollers afterwards softened them up for the final uphill towards Water Tower.
Definitely burned our legs on that one!


Road Bikes Off Road

Took the back roads home

Someone say dirt? After a cafe stop for lunch —I had grilled cheese and a fancy fizzy drink— we headed home by way of a few dirt roads. Sure, we’re on road bikes but it was amazing dodging rocks and skidding on loose dirt. Being immersed in nature was amazing; soooo sick bruh!


I had a blast and rode for way longer than I planned. I felt amazing! Tired, but amazing! 10/10 will do again.

Thanks Ostroy & Team!