Training Camp 2019, Day 2

Day 2: Exploring

With a full day at my disposal, it was time to get out and go exploring. Today’s plan is another 3 hour easy pace ride. I rode down Venice Boulevard towards the water, then made a right on the beach’s bike path.


After riding on the path for a while, I decided to scout a route for the coming days. I needed to find a climb that was at least 10 minutes long and not too steep. Remembering the group ride I did last year I was in L.A., I tried to find a canyon road that was close to the end of the bike path. As I rode along the PCH, I saw a sign for Topanga Canyon Rd. and made a right. The road was perfect! Not too busy with traffic, and the gradient was gradual enough that I could stay seated while riding up.


heading home

Riding along the Pacific Coast Highway is awesome. Beautiful views of the ocean on one side, amazing views of the hills on the other.

Day 2 Strava.png

Ride Details

Time: 3 hours

Distance: 39 miles

Elevation: 846ft

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