Training Camp 2019, Day 4

Cafe Recovery Ride


I checked my agenda for today and saw: Cafe Ride (optional). Without obligation, I decided to take it easy and sleep in a little. I couldn’t since I’m still on New York time, so I woke up and did some writing and organizing before heading out for an easy ride.

I didn’t expect to feel any different from how I feel normally, so I was surprised when my legs rebelled once I started pedaling. Okay, easy day it is then!

I took the usual route; down Venice Blvd. towards the water, then made a right and rode on the beach bike path for a bit. When I got to the Pacific Coast Highway, I decided to head inland up Temescal Canyon road. As it turns out, there isn’t far to go on a bike. Climbing up the road led to a beautiful park and garden, so I meandered a bit and took in the scenery. Its a really beautiful place and I’ll definitely have to visit when I’m not riding.

Leaving the park, I rode along the PCH before making the left turn onto Venice Blvd. It’s a straight shot and pretty flat, so I used the opportunity to work on keeping a high cadence while at speed. It was nice cruising along at 21 mph, through the car and truck traffic whizzing by can also be unsettling.

I had started to feel a bit tired when the thought entered my mind to do some mock sprints. I figured I would simulate needing to do a few hard accelerations at the end of a few hours of riding. I did the sprints, arriving home just as I finished the final one.

Another absolutely great day on the bike.