Training Camp 2019, Day 5


Mandeville Canyon Road is a popular climb located inland. I’d gotten several recommendations from other riders to check it out, so I figured it would be perfect for my session today. The session? 4 10 minute hill repeats. Why is Mandeville Canyon perfect for this? It’s a dead-end road!


Bike Paths everywhere

They provide relief from traffic filled roads, they’re well maintained, and are often lined with trees.

As usual, I was able to warm up really well. Where I’m staying while in L.A. isn’t centrally located, so it takes about an hour for me to ride to things. On top of that I don’t know where I’m going so I have to rely on Google maps for guidance.


Looking around

You see many interesting, beautiful things in L.A. This was on the way to the climb.

Once I got to Mandeville Canyon, I had to figure out where I would start my session. Starting towards the beginning would mean a lower gradient, which would impact the power I was able to generate while keeping my cadence low enough. Starting more towards the end would result in running out of road. I found a good spot and set off. The session wasn’t perfect; I’ve never really done training workouts like this outside, so I’ll need to work on that.


Sessions done, it was time to grab coffee and a slice of cake to top up the fuel reserves. I stopped at Rapha L.A. for that coffee and cake, which I really enjoyed. Then I made my way back to Venice Blvd. to head home.

I’ve noticed about that Venice Blvd. road is very windy. This can be a good thing, and today it was a great thing! Normally I’ll cruise at 20-21mph, but heading home I saw 23-24mph; there was a tailwind! I never have tailwinds! It was an amazing way to end the day, and the traffic lights were all in sync so I rarely had to stop.