Training Camp 2019, Day 1

Day 1: Transfer Day

I’ve always wanted to do a training camp. Focused riding for a few days in a sunny location would be the perfect antidote to the cold grey skies of the northeast. The camp I signed up for got canceled, so instead of canceling my flight I reached out to some friends who live in Los Angeles.

Setting up the bike.

Setting up the bike.

I got to my friend’s place at 2:00pm. My plan was to grab lunch, put the bike together, and go for a 3 hour easy ride, but I quickly realized I needed to rethink.

After the 6 hour flight I wasn’t feeling great, so I took it easy. Instead of 3 hours, I rode for about 40 minutes along Venice Boulevard before realizing the sun was setting fast and I didn’t have lights! I’m glad I rode, even if just for that little bit. It was great to wear shorts and not be bundled up.

Day 1

Easy 1 hour ride